Come meet the team at Bryen & Associates

Gabrielle Bryen, LCSW

I am a clinical social worker and retired Army behavioral health officer who has conducted hundreds of assessments in my military career. I began my immigration career when I was asked to help one of our Iraqi translators apply for asylum. I have trained extensively as an immigration behavioral health provider. I listen and perform accurate assessments, using various tools to help my clients translate their experiences into clear and concise evaluations. In addition to my clinical skills, my military background assists in understanding country conditions and accurately describing our clients' experiences in their country of origin. I have worked with many agencies, such as Physicians for Human Rights, the American Friends Service Committee, Legal Aid of New Jersey, and many immigration attorneys in private practice. I am recognized as an expert witness in Federal Immigration Court. Immigration is the sole focus of my clinical practice.

Kurk Harris, LSW, BSN, RN

I am a Licensed Social Worker, and Registered Nurse. I retired from the Army where I practiced as an Emergency Room Nurse and Public Health Nurse. I have extensive experience assessing and interviewing patients in stressful situations, including when they face life-threatening illness or injury. I also worked in a sexual health role. This experience helped me become skilled in discussing topics which were very sensitive to my patients. This clinical nursing background allowed me to create clear and concise histories to guide treatment. As a Public Health Nurse in the US Army, I was also required to identify health threats at the community and regional level and communicate those threats to senior leadership. Additionally, in this role, I reported to authorities on country conditions and how those conditions might affect military operations in the countries to which they deployed. I have worked with Bryen and Associates since June 2022 performing clinical psychological evaluations for immigrants. In practice, I combine the biological, psychological, and social experiences of my clients into a clear story that is understandable to experts and laypersons alike.

Betsi Strasser, M.Ed

I have worked as a child and family therapist for over 35 years. I assist in immigration cases when the case requires a child evaluator. I also have a private practice that serves children and adults. While working on immigration cases, I help my clients assemble all the pieces. We examine the roots of behavior and the emotions attached. We can make sense of the chaos and address needs so everyone feels heard. I work with the entire family system, from children to adults. This focus helps our evaluations best describe the challenges.

Paulina Alvarez

Paulina Alvarez is a medical interpreter and technical translator based in Houston, TX. Her work with the American Friends Service Committee and Bryen & Associates focuses on best serving immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. She is passionate about bridging language and cultural barriers to strengthen patient-centered processes in clinical and legal settings. Paulina Alvarez es una intérprete médica y traductora técnica basada en Houston, TX. Su trabajo con American Friends Service Committee y Bryen & Associates se enfoca en servir mejor a inmigrantes, solicitantes de asilo y refugiados. Le apasiona superar las barreras lingüísticas y culturales para fortalecer los procesos centrados en el paciente en entornos clínicos y legales.

Lia Kyle

I assist in the writing and research of our immigration cases. I enjoy listening to the interviews carefully to catch details and ensure that client quotes enhance our reports. I am a graduate of Utah State University in International Studies and the daughter of an immigrant. I appreciate how difficult it is for immigrant families to adjust and thrive in a new country. I am a Korean speaker and have lived in Korea and Ukraine, so I understand what it is like for families to relocate to an unfamiliar place.