Gabrielle Bryen, LCSW


My clients are often people who cherish growth but feel as though they are stuck. Something is holding them back from achieving their full potential and despite their best efforts, they cannot move forward. When we are overwhelmed, we lose our sense of internal direction. Some of my patients suffer temporary challenges and setbacks. We work on immediate strategies to help while others prefer longer term work to help them heal trauma that continuously impacts their life. I listen and perform accurate assessments, using various tools to help them get back on the road of life clearly and concisely. I want therapy to have the most significant impact in the shortest time. I help people move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and competence.
I am a retired Army Behavioral Health Officer (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). I have been a boots-on-the-ground clinician in Iraq (twice), Bosnia, and Haiti. I have over twenty-five years of clinical experience and twenty years of military service. I am straightforward and no nonsense. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds. I use a variety of methods to work with people to include some nontraditional modalities developed in a combat environment to meet people where they are such as walking or driving therapy to help patients manage their emotions and anxieties. Therapy with me is dynamic and interesting. My goal is that you feel relaxed enough that is as though you are talking with an insightful friend. I also provide a frame work for text message access between sessions should an emergency arise.

My practice is in person or through modern technology. My clients are worldwide.
​ I look forward to helping you be the person you envision!

My Specialties

Therapy for Adults with

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Life changes
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Infertility

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