N648… What is it?

An N648 is a USCIS form which provides an exemption for applicants with disabilities from taking the English and civics requirements. The N648 can be called many things. We refer to it as a Disability Exception. The eligibility requirements for naturalization include two things:
  • demonstrating an understanding of the English language (the “English” requirement)
  • knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the history, and of the principles and form of government, of the United States (the “civics “requirement).
Filing a successful N-648 is no simple task. The BURDEN OF PROOF in an N648 is on the applicant. You must demonstrate through examples of medical and/or legal records why you can’t take the test. As one advocate noted, “Prepare the N-648 with the mindset that USCIS will look for any reason—no matter how insignificant—to deny it.” The N648 may only be filled out by three distinct types of providers: a medical doctor, a doctor of osteopathy or a clinical psychologist. At Bryen and Associates, we have a clinical psychologist on staff to sign these applications.

How we structure N648 interviews: