We are a Group Practice That Helps People Move Forward

We are Gabrielle, Betsi, and Kurk; we help people who are stuck in their lives regain their roadmap.


Our clients often complain of feeling trapped despite their best efforts. They report being so overwhelmed that even simple choices can be paralyzing. They talk about the negative thoughts that repeat over and over in their head. It can lead to feeling isolated, angry, and disappointed. This negative thinking can derail you from where you think you should be and affects how you view yourself, your relationships, and your worldview. Stressors cause us to drift from the goals we have envisioned for life, sort of like losing a plan. We understand how you feel. We perform accurate assessments, using various tools to help you get back on the road of life clearly and concisely. It is a safe place to explore emotions and try new patterns of thinking. We work together with you to get you on your way. ​ Bryen and Associates is a group practice based in Bethlehem, PA. We work both in-person and remotely. Our staff is committed to providing personalized behavioral health services to clients throughout Pennsylvania and internationally. We love working with different populations. We all have unique narratives; allow us to help you make yours a successful story!

Behavioral Health Assessments