Betsi Strasser, M.Ed


I help families improve relationships.

My clients come to my practice when they have a problem in their family. Sometimes it is with their child or children; sometimes it is with their partner.

Most people report they feel like a failure. When you have a problem in your family, it takes over your entire life. It’s pervasive and all-encompassing. People find it shameful. They internalize the pain and carry it around like a massive rock on their back, and they are too embarrassed to ask for help from the people closest to them, their friends and family.
Sometimes the problem shows up in other areas. Children are failing in places they should be the safest. School systems have become a nightmare for your child, and as a result, the whole family suffers. Getting kids to complete work, behave in a classroom or even meet attendance criteria is a battle. There’s not an end in sight. I have been working with families for over 35 years. I help my clients put all the pieces together. We examine the roots of behavior and the emotions attached. We can make sense out of the chaos and address needs so that everyone feels heard. We create home-based plans that are effective and easy to implement. As an educator and a long-time Easter Seals director, I help families bridge the gap between school and home. If necessary, I empower my patients to navigate the educational systems to advocate for change. I work with the entire family system, from children to adults. In our work together, parents are taught to work as a team to the best of their abilities.

I work with children through the life cycle from childhood through adulthood. My office is set up for in-person visits to include play therapy. I also see patients telephonically via confidential phone calls.

Let’s work together to make a difference in your family!

My Specialties


  • Anxiety and Depression​
  • PTSD
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Changes
  • Relationship Support

Child & Family

  • Parenting Support
  • Special Education consultation and advocacy
  • Child Counseling
  • Family Communication Strategies
  • Co-Parenting Plans
  • Parenting LGBTQIA children