Infertility Services

If you are pursuing third party reproductive services, your clinic or agency may require you to meet with a behavioral health provider specializing in reproductive mental health. We offer expertise in issues related to third party reproductive techniques using donor egg, donor sperm, and donor embryo.
Infertility is many things; exhausting, frustrating, sad, overwhelming, isolating…

Those are just a few of the many loaded words that describe the experience. When you have finally decided to grow your family through third party reproduction, you now need to complete a clinic’s checklist while you wait on other people to get you closer to a home baby. It’s hard enough to go through the struggle of infertility, it is quite another thing to reach the hurdle of a clinic’s prerequisites and timelines.

Donor reproduction is challenging and emotional. Bryen & Associates believes that your behavioral health screening does not have to be. We make your evaluation relaxed and straightforward. For 8 years we have guided our clients through the maze of clinic specifications. Together we will make sense of the donor process and get your assessment to you (and your clinic) quickly and painlessly. We will talk about the benefits and challenges of parenting to include disclosure options, profile tips and transfer choices working with your clinic’s parameters. We can help you feel competent and confident as you begin your parenting journey.

We are sensitive to the anxiety that is associated with the donor process and can offer insight and compassion as our clinicians are also donor parents. We give you a sense of clarity and control. By choosing Bryen and Associates you will gain a knowledgeable ally and a professional, stress-free and ASRM compliant evaluation. We work remotely with both US and international patients. Once your session is scheduled, we can typically get your evaluation to you within forty-eight hours of your interview.
Most sessions consist of one 60-90 minute video teleconference or in person interview. During this meeting, we will address the following:

  • We will review your medical/fertility history and discuss issues to anticipate as you go through the third-party reproductive process.
  • Talk about your current family composition and review your decision to use a third-party reproductive technique.
  • Reflect on topics related to third party conceptions such as disclosure, transfer choices, and issues related to parenting donor conceived children.
  • Determine your readiness to proceed with the donor process.
  • Provide resources for pregnancy and parenting donor conceived children.