Kurk Harris, LSW, BSN, RN

Office Manager

I am the person who opens the door where healing begins. ​

My voice may be the first our clients hear when they call for help. I listen to what they say and what they don’t say. My job is to make the first steps in the process of healing feel normal. ​

When clients call me, they usually feel overwhelmed or broken. I give them hope that they can feel better and that they can be whole. Our practice is a team dedicated to helping our clients find what was lost and reconnect with what they are missing.
As a Registered Nurse who treated patients in Emergency Rooms and on the battlefields of Iraq, I am skilled at meeting with people on the worst days of their lives and helping them believe that things will get better. I also understand that some behavioral health concerns begin with bodily processes that are not functioning as they should. I advise our team members if there are concerns with other health conditions or medications that may be contributing to the client’s concerns. I match our patient with the clinician who can best meet their needs. I also review medical records and advise our colleagues on legal cases

When I speak with our clients, I am more than an office administrator. I am part of an experienced team dedicated to helping them be the person they hope to be.